Five Manifestation Tips

Five Manifestation Tips

Self growth, spirituality and mindfulness have recently risen in popularity as people have more time to focus on themselves. After discovering manifestation myself, I decided to research further and share some tips so you can find strength and peace within yourself. Build the life of your dreams!


When manifesting, your thoughts and energy consciously create your reality. This relates to the law of attraction (the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on). Starting with an example… if you wake up feeling pessimistic about how your day will unfold, it will be a negative day. On the other hand, if you focus on making your day successful, positive energy will be attracted.


I don’t believe there is a rule book to philosophical practices like this. Manifestation revolves around your own mind, energy and aura therefore YOU are in charge. Send positive affirmations out into the universe and be confident that your hopes can become a reality. You may write them down, visualise or chant aloud.


1. Do not expect your dreams to come true with a click of a finger

You need to put in work in order for your goals to be achieved. The positive vibrations should aid your productivity and consequently, help you manifest. Trust the process, there is no need to rush.

2. Gratitude is vital

By thanking the universe for your blessings so far in life, you will create more mental room for success. Begin your manifestation process by giving thanks for everything you have had the privilege of achieving so far. You should do this regularly, perhaps every morning.

3. Plan! Plan! Plan!

Grab the opportunity to ponder on what you desire and plan how you will achieve it. Start by listing everything in order of least to most worthwhile. Question yourself and mentally prepare the steps and affirmations you will say to yourself.

4. Meditate often

Similarly to a computer, your mind can frequently open unwanted tabs of thought that you want to delete. Making time to concentrate entirely on your own desires and headspace will change your perspective on life and ground you. When meditating, the parietal lobe in your brain stops incoming thoughts from bombarding your mind, increasing your focus. Use this focus to your advantage and take control of your destiny.

5. Confidence is key

Doubting yourself or receiving dubiety from others could potentially destroy what you manifest. Be confident in your abilities and how you can utilise them to accomplish your ideal future goals. If you are second guessing yourself, your affirmations won’t be truly genuine.

Good luck with your journey towards control and success in your life, whether you chose to manifest or not!



In the midst of the daunting, overwhelming and somewhat stressful environment of the internet, I decided to create a blog to serve as a form of positive and productive escapism…hence the name.

Hopefully, through this blog, I can provide entertainment, inspiration, reviews and advice for others, covering light topics such as fashion, lifestyle and travel in addition to important discussions about mental health, discrimination, social controversies and more. Hopefully there’s something for everyone!

My name is Grace and I was expecting to take my A Levels (in Philosophy, English and Psychology) this year, however, for obvious reasons they have been cancelled. Thankfully, I’m still going to university this September. Finding a balance between academics and a social life can be a struggle, however, I strongly believe having a break from work and enjoying other hobbies and interests is incredibly beneficial. As a student myself, perhaps this blog could help others who often feel trapped, stressed and anxious about their workload, future or life in general.

As cringeworthy as it sounds, you’re never alone in your mentality, even if it often feels that way. Having somebody to relate or talk to can lift a weight off your shoulders. Ideally, I’d love my blog to be a catalyst for open conversations and a support network for anyone that needs it.

So, welcome to my blog, thank you for reading and I hope you visit soon.

Grace x