You Are Enough, Stop Criticising Yourself (especially during these unforeseen times)

You Are Enough, Stop Criticising Yourself (especially during these unforeseen times)

Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? Am I being overdramatic? Am I too calm? Am I being lazy? Everyone’s working out… should I be working out?

I’ve said it before, your mind can be a bully and overthinking can be a terrible result of it’s unkindness.

Working on yourself is healthy and helpful, HOWEVER, crossing the line and taking it too far can be harmful! During this unforeseen and hugely difficult global circumstance, the free-time many of us have may allow your overthinking tendencies to increase and those with mental health issues may be struggling.

Humans love to compare. It’s in our nature. This attribute of mankind has been evident during the extraordinary times in lockdown but here is a reminder to make healthiness (physical & mental) your priority.

Generally, everyone has unique approaches to how they spend their time. We all have different interests and lifestyles, working on things in our own personal schedules. Similarly now during this pandemic, everyone is approaching these times in their own ways… and that is valid!

Key workers are busy, sacrificing themselves to save lives. Most others are on lockdown (UK) and this dramatic lifestyle change means some people are exercising, some are quizzing, many are baking and lots are chilling. As long as you are following governmental guidelines, you’re already doing one thing right!

Obviously I can’t address the entire population but here are some short affirmations.

  • Don’t feel guilty for sleeping in. If your body tells you to rest, you should! This is potentially your first opportunity to relax for days straight without work/school/commitments stopping you.
  • On the other hand, there’s obviously nothing wrong with wanting to wake up early. Spend your days however you like!
  • You may feel helpless, like you should be doing more to help. Remember, by staying at home, you are helping. There are other ways you can help from home such as volunteering or donating to local hospitals, charities or businesses if you have the money.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if your motivation has plumetted, it is entirely normal when your schedule and surroundings change.
  • Don’t criticise yourself if you’re not doing as much exercise as others you see on social media. Although staying healthy is great, it’t not a competition. Set your own goals rather than comparing your routine with others.

Things you could do when feeling negative about yourself:

  • Write a list of things you achieve each day, be it small or big tasks
  • Start up a self love scheme or journal
  • Call a friend or family member as a reminder that you are loved

Due to the sensitivity and complexity of today’s topic, I probably rambled in this post but hopefully I managed to convey the message to prioritise looking after yourself as well as one another.

Lots of love,

Grace x

Staying Positive, Productive and Peaceful During Lockdown

Staying Positive, Productive and Peaceful During Lockdown

Yes, I’m still spending most days in my pyjamas and have been restful and languorous, however, I have recently decided that I would feel better if I could still be productive and positive during this unexpected free time.

(I understand not everybody has this privilege, such as key workers and those who need to maintain their jobs and income. I applaud these people for their persistence and hard work despite these chaotic and scary circumstances. A future post about supporting them is coming soon.)


To begin, here are some apps and websites that I’ve enjoyed utilising during this quarantine. (all free)

1. For anyone who is struggling with poor mental health/ loneliness/just wants to track their feelings, REFLECTLY is a daily mood journal that you can add to as frequently as you like, providing an opportunity for contemplation with daily questions. Personally, I use this app every night before bed to reflect on my day and find patterns in my mentality. Writing down and sharing your emotions is a great stress reliver so I highly recommend downloading this app, hopefully this can improve your mood during a difficult time.

(available on the app store)

2. PINTEREST is my current addiction. I always feel creatively motivated after scrolling through my feed and boards. There is certainly something for everyone (DIYs, interior design, makeup, comedy, celebs) but I mainly use it for fashion inspiration, pinning any outfits I like and trying to find similar pieces to incorporate into my own wardrobe. A potential idea during quarantine is to create a bucket list board of things you want to get done during lockdown and another of things you look forward to when we enter normality again.

(available in browser and on the app store)

3. For those who are struggling during lockdown because they crave the satisfaction of achieving something or alternatively have left education early due to the virus, FUTURE LEARN is an amazing platform I discovered only two days ago but was immediately impressed by. There are hundreds of free courses provided by universities covering various subjects, most of which are only a few weeks long. Personally, I’ve joined a courses on fiction writing, studying English, mental health, gender equality and fashion. Once I have completed a few courses, I’ll share my thoughts and feedback in another blog post but so far, I’m really excited by the concept.

(available in browser)

4. CALM is a well known meditation app that is perfect for relaxation. If you find yourself overwhelmed or struggling to sleep, Calm has music and masterclasses to help relieve stress, body tension and anxiety.


If you are concerned about your screentime during this lockdown or just want to be productive without needing the internet or your phone, here is a short list of potential activities to engage in.

1. Cooking/ baking. Be it Michelin star standard or shop bought cake mixtures. (For me, the latter is more likely)

2. Reading. I’ve been reading Educated by Lara Westover and recommend this to everyone!!

3. Exercising. You could create a home circuit or go for a walk/ run (Obviously only once a day in the UK)

4. Home organisation/ cleaning. Spend this free time organising your home or just your bedroom. Maybe move around the furniture so it feels like a new and exciting space. There are probably many jobs around the house that have been put off for years that could be completed during this lockdown.

5. Listening to music. (I’ve had Harry Styles’ Fine Line on repeat)

The NHS are also looking for volunteers to do some work for them. Follow this link for more information:

Thanks for reading today’s post, I hope it was helpful! Feel free to share your ways of staying positive and productive in the comments below. Stay safe.

Grace x