You Are Not Useless… Here’s Why.

You Are Not Useless… Here’s Why.

Hearing others refer to themselves as “useless” or insinuating this belief with other words breaks my heart. Many people struggling with anxiety, depression or confidence issues may be familiar with the feelings of worthlessness or incapability but I want to assure you that your mind can be a bully and relentlessly bombard you with negativity even though you are definitely NOT useless. You ARE: worthy, necessary and USEFUL… here’s why.

Not a single person out of the entire population of the planet (7.6 billion people!!!) is the same as you. Your voice, smile, face, personality… everything about you is unique.

Your self reflection shows that you are conscientious, you want to put the best version of yourself out to the world. This in itself is admirable.

Making mistakes is not a sign of weakness or stupidity. Everybody messes up but you probably only notice when it happens to you. These accidents or errors will help you grow as a person: embrace them as much as you can.

You have a multitude of talents and passions even if you haven’t discovered them yet. You’re capable of learning new skills or enhancing current ones whenever you’re ready to work on them.

Negative comments from other people are not equivalent to them disliking you as an entire person. As mentioned earlier, you can have flaws but they are not a reflection of futility. Accept rejection and take criticisms as a way of improving yourself rather than punishing yourself.

The people around you are grateful for your existence. Friends, family, peers, strangers. Even though you don’t always notice, you are surrounded by people who appreciate you.

You’re allowed to be sad. You’re allowed to be happy. You’re allowed to be anxious. You’re allowed to be confident. Your feelings are valid and natural.

The list could go on but hopefully by now you can start your journey of understanding how worthy you are. May your confidence flourish.

If these feelings are becoming overwhelming and are negatively impacting your life, please reach out to somebody for help.

I’m not a professional so here are links to some websites that may provide more information, help or support if necessary:

I am here for you all! Although my audience is small, I really hope to create a supportive community that can have open conversations without judgement. Please share any thoughts or ideas you could add with regards to this post in the comments.

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Stay safe, lots of love,

Grace x

Join My Journey: Studying Fashion From Home (Part 1)

Join My Journey: Studying Fashion From Home (Part 1)

Fashion is an aesthetic expression I’ve always been hugely fascinated and excited by, therefore, I decided now is a great time to develop my knowledge of the art form further. This blog post will introduce you to my journey of studying fashion from home; looking at areas of inquiry and certain designers I am personally interested in. Please feel free to join the journey!

Please note: I am not following a syllabus and I’m certainly not a professional. This is purely for the satisfaction of learning new content whilst in quarantine, with the hope of continuing it for as long as possible.

Without further ado, welcome to part one…

I adore fashion journalism: it’s a dream job of mine. The first step of developing my knowledge of the fashion spectrum was simple because it was something I regularly do anyway… reading and writing articles, blogposts and magazines. Links to my favourite recent articles:

Secondly, I decided to take an online course from Institut Francais de la mode (French Fashion Institute) on FutureLearn entitled “Understanding Fashion: From Business To Culture” and so far, it is marvellously motivational and informative. I’m currently one week 1 of 4 so shall talk in more detail about the course in a future post. During week one, hearing from Simon Porte Jacquemus truly captivated me as his intense love for his job was revealed. This leads me onto step 3…

Step 3 of this exploration was the point in which I moved onto studying an individual designer… Jacquemus who has created one of the most well known upcoming brand in the industry. Having previously been obsessed with his lavender field runway (s/s 2020 “Le Coup de Soleil”), mini bag trend and after understanding his dedication during the online course, I was inspired to delve deeper into everything Jacquemus.

This began by me rewatching the Le Coup de Soleil runway video, this time taking note of anything significantly thought provoking (favourite pieces, artistic references etc). It was difficult not to make note of every single detail because I almost certainly could have… the collection is wonderful and the entire production is perfection. Next, I looked at previous collections and runway videos. Moving onto interviews, I began to establish a more detailed understanding of Jacquemus’ creative process and reasoning for creating his brand in the way he has. Before I knew it, I’d become a huge fan.

Inevitably, step 4 was MORE RESEARCH! I was eager to study more designers in detail, getting to know their garments as well as their motivations in the industry, using similar methods to those mentioned previously with regards to Jacquemus! Below is a list of a few more designers I looked at:

Step 5 will begin for me tomorrow, moodboard creation. Scrapbooking is something I have loved for a long time, it’s therapeutic, relaxing and satisfying. I am going to build up a portfolio/ scrap book of runway looks and magazine cut-outs and formulate them in a way in which I can annotate but is also aesthetically pleasing. If this goes well, I’ll share the results in the next post of this series!

In true Pinterest style, here are some pictures that captivate fashion study/ work to motivate us!

CREDITS: (order of top left to bottom right)
freyawewer on Instagram
Rose Inc. on Instagram
FashiionGoneRouge @ bellathomas on Instagram
Deborah-lovegrove on blogspot
DGTRF on Pinterest

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Staying Positive, Productive and Peaceful During Lockdown

Staying Positive, Productive and Peaceful During Lockdown

Yes, I’m still spending most days in my pyjamas and have been restful and languorous, however, I have recently decided that I would feel better if I could still be productive and positive during this unexpected free time.

(I understand not everybody has this privilege, such as key workers and those who need to maintain their jobs and income. I applaud these people for their persistence and hard work despite these chaotic and scary circumstances. A future post about supporting them is coming soon.)


To begin, here are some apps and websites that I’ve enjoyed utilising during this quarantine. (all free)

1. For anyone who is struggling with poor mental health/ loneliness/just wants to track their feelings, REFLECTLY is a daily mood journal that you can add to as frequently as you like, providing an opportunity for contemplation with daily questions. Personally, I use this app every night before bed to reflect on my day and find patterns in my mentality. Writing down and sharing your emotions is a great stress reliver so I highly recommend downloading this app, hopefully this can improve your mood during a difficult time.

(available on the app store)

2. PINTEREST is my current addiction. I always feel creatively motivated after scrolling through my feed and boards. There is certainly something for everyone (DIYs, interior design, makeup, comedy, celebs) but I mainly use it for fashion inspiration, pinning any outfits I like and trying to find similar pieces to incorporate into my own wardrobe. A potential idea during quarantine is to create a bucket list board of things you want to get done during lockdown and another of things you look forward to when we enter normality again.

(available in browser and on the app store)

3. For those who are struggling during lockdown because they crave the satisfaction of achieving something or alternatively have left education early due to the virus, FUTURE LEARN is an amazing platform I discovered only two days ago but was immediately impressed by. There are hundreds of free courses provided by universities covering various subjects, most of which are only a few weeks long. Personally, I’ve joined a courses on fiction writing, studying English, mental health, gender equality and fashion. Once I have completed a few courses, I’ll share my thoughts and feedback in another blog post but so far, I’m really excited by the concept.

(available in browser)

4. CALM is a well known meditation app that is perfect for relaxation. If you find yourself overwhelmed or struggling to sleep, Calm has music and masterclasses to help relieve stress, body tension and anxiety.


If you are concerned about your screentime during this lockdown or just want to be productive without needing the internet or your phone, here is a short list of potential activities to engage in.

1. Cooking/ baking. Be it Michelin star standard or shop bought cake mixtures. (For me, the latter is more likely)

2. Reading. I’ve been reading Educated by Lara Westover and recommend this to everyone!!

3. Exercising. You could create a home circuit or go for a walk/ run (Obviously only once a day in the UK)

4. Home organisation/ cleaning. Spend this free time organising your home or just your bedroom. Maybe move around the furniture so it feels like a new and exciting space. There are probably many jobs around the house that have been put off for years that could be completed during this lockdown.

5. Listening to music. (I’ve had Harry Styles’ Fine Line on repeat)

The NHS are also looking for volunteers to do some work for them. Follow this link for more information:

Thanks for reading today’s post, I hope it was helpful! Feel free to share your ways of staying positive and productive in the comments below. Stay safe.

Grace x