American VS. British Vogue

American VS. British Vogue

Welcome to my first ever collab. Megan and I became friends through our joint love for fashion journalism whilst living on opposite ends of the world, so, what better article to write than a comparison of American and British Vogue…


Vogue USA is one of the most praised magazines of all time, especially with Anna Wintour leading the magazine as Editor-In-Chief since the late 80’s. The first issue of American Vogue was published in 1892 and the magazine has since been based in New York City. Vogue has clearly made a name for itself in America and around the world, however, American Vogue has been harshly criticized for the lack of diversity of race and body types under Wintour’s leadership. Even though Wintour has been known to be one of the most influential women in fashion, she has been said to be “nothing short of a tyrant”. Even with this being said, many reviews of people that have worked there have praised the creative work environment and great connections that the publication presents.

We’ve covered the basic information, leadership of Vogue USA, and opinions from readers/employees. Now let’s discuss the actual content of the magazine. Vogue USA has a monthly publication, releasing a new and spectacularly written magazine each month. I’ve dug around for a few opinions on what’s in the magazine, good and bad. One reader expressed that there is an overflow of advertisements and commercials, another explaining that the editorials are bland and over at Vogue UK, the styling is much better. What does that say about Vogue USA? Is it more focused on the magazine’s profit or quality? Does it want its readers to gain a new perspective after reading or learn more about fashion trends?

The conclusion I’ve come to is that there is always room to improve! Even though Vogue has made a huge name for itself all over the world, it seems American Vogue has some changes that need to be made. Not so much with the actual magazine, but the management, diversity in models, and leadership. Anna Wintour is a true icon and she has done so many great things for the magazine, but some may believe she has room to improve.   


Due to the success of US Vogue, the British edition was introduced 24 years later. I’m a huge fan of the London-based magazine and the statistics show that a plethora of others are too. Infact, in 2019, it reached 1.7 million readers in the UK. The great success is down to the luxury of each glossy page, featuring unique and beautifully written content as well as the striking covers featuring gorgeous it-girls, actors, models and more. 

Editor-in-chief Edward Enninful nourished the magazine with overdue diversity in 2017 as he encouraged the inclusion of multiculturalism in the industry. His passion led to the creation of the incredible “I Am an Immigrant” video which featured 81 famous faces from the world of fashion, showing solidarity and publicly standing up against Trump. Additionally, Enninful influenced the “Forces For Change” movement, with amazing people such as Adut Akech, Ramla Ali and Jameela Jamil. Due to this powerful, sagacious and innovative team at British Vogue, the magazine becomes more inclusive and informative each year, educating readers on the importance of understanding political and social issues in life due its crucial overlap with fashion and huge influence on the world around us. 

With 900k subscribers on YouTube and over 4 million followers on Instagram, the magazine is constantly adapting to the rise of technology. Many people find it easier to access their daily dose of fashion content through video and photo form which suggests digital reading may be on the rise. Despite this, research shows the majority of people still enjoy reading physical magazines, giving us print journalism lovers faith!


It’s been shown that there are many differences with how Vogue is run in each country. However, they are all one magazine! One Vogue. Everyone picks up that magazine hoping to reach the same goal. To read all about the incredible world of fashion, I mean that’s why I read it! I love learning new things about the industry and seeing how diverse and complex it can be. Even if there are a million differences between Vogue USA and Vogue UK, every writer, editor, model, and leader of the magazine wants their readers to see and understand a new perspective, a new trend, a new style, a new life. Both countries seem to publish similar layouts, including the intriguing cover (normally occupied by a someone deserving and accomplished), their editorials, articles on various topics, and much more. 

We’ve mentioned diversity and it appears British Vogue has been more successful when it comes to representing and including a variety of different people with unique stories to share, however, improvement is still much-needed. Unfortunately, the media is responsible for sustaining racism AND colorism. Between 2000 and 2005, only 3 cover models were black. The abundance of horrific statistics and failure to display dark skinned models is truly disappointing from a publication as famous as Vogue. As well as racial diversity, it is requisite for Vogue to include those with disabilities. I have noticed a positive change in Teen Vogue, the magazine has done a marvellous job of addressing such important issues with their younger audience. With a platform reaching millions of readers and interactions, we hope both British and American Vogue will continue to tackle important issues as everyone deserves to be represented through fashion journalism.

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Make Pinterest Your Go-To App For Inspiration and Motivation

Make Pinterest Your Go-To App For Inspiration and Motivation

From provoking quotes to visual manifestation, Pinterest is a conveniently versatile app that provides the perfect elements for inspiration and motivation. The algorithm is cleverly created so that your home page will be designed specifically for you based on things you’ve enjoyed and saved previously, making it an exciting and engaging platform to use.

Life can be overwhelming so finding comfort in something small, like an app that’s therapeutic to scroll through and organise, can be beneficial.

Utilising the app to it’s greatest potential…

It’s simple! Once you start familiarising yourself with the app, it becomes easier to navigate and personalise. You can create boards on whatever you personally like, DIYs you want to try, aesthetic pictures you want to recreate or collections of your favourite celebs. You can even create boards within boards – called sections – to add another element of organisation.

Pinterest quotes that will change your perspective…

On a day when motivation levels are low, I personally turn to quotes to regain my spark. Although some people may find them cringeworthy, they can change your perspective and inspire you to work towards bettering yourself!

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are” – Max Depree

“The secret to being loved is to love. The secret to be interesting is to be interested. The secret to having a friend is being a friend” – Anon

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit” – Banksy

“The secret to self confidence isn’t to stop caring what other people think, it’s to start caring about what you think. It’s to make your opinion more important than anyone else’s” – Lovekyra

Having a board full of inspirational quotes (like the ones above) to refer to during times of self-doubt will provide you with reassurance and alleviation.

Finding visual inspiration…

Pinterest has become famously associated with its vitality in the world of aesthetic lovers. With thousands of beautiful pictures, you will certainly find some to inspire you and your lifestyle.

You can find visual inspiration for many creative factors of life such as interior design, makeup, hairstyles, artwork and fashion!

Fashion related boards are so popular at the moment, inspiring wardrobes around the world. Start by searching key words corresponding with your favourite clothing types and let the algorithm do the rest for you. Create your dream closet from the comfort of your own home and let your saves inspire what you look for when shopping.

Having a gorgeous selection of pictures to admire can motivate you to put time and effort into creating perfect outfits.

I’ve been obsessed with colour coordination, blazers, faded jeans and pastels… Here are some of my latest saved pins:

Thanks for reading today’s post! Let me know what you use Pinterest for in the comments below.

Stay motivated and inspired!

Grace x

Five Manifestation Tips

Five Manifestation Tips

Self growth, spirituality and mindfulness have recently risen in popularity as people have more time to focus on themselves. After discovering manifestation myself, I decided to research further and share some tips so you can find strength and peace within yourself. Build the life of your dreams!


When manifesting, your thoughts and energy consciously create your reality. This relates to the law of attraction (the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on). Starting with an example… if you wake up feeling pessimistic about how your day will unfold, it will be a negative day. On the other hand, if you focus on making your day successful, positive energy will be attracted.


I don’t believe there is a rule book to philosophical practices like this. Manifestation revolves around your own mind, energy and aura therefore YOU are in charge. Send positive affirmations out into the universe and be confident that your hopes can become a reality. You may write them down, visualise or chant aloud.


1. Do not expect your dreams to come true with a click of a finger

You need to put in work in order for your goals to be achieved. The positive vibrations should aid your productivity and consequently, help you manifest. Trust the process, there is no need to rush.

2. Gratitude is vital

By thanking the universe for your blessings so far in life, you will create more mental room for success. Begin your manifestation process by giving thanks for everything you have had the privilege of achieving so far. You should do this regularly, perhaps every morning.

3. Plan! Plan! Plan!

Grab the opportunity to ponder on what you desire and plan how you will achieve it. Start by listing everything in order of least to most worthwhile. Question yourself and mentally prepare the steps and affirmations you will say to yourself.

4. Meditate often

Similarly to a computer, your mind can frequently open unwanted tabs of thought that you want to delete. Making time to concentrate entirely on your own desires and headspace will change your perspective on life and ground you. When meditating, the parietal lobe in your brain stops incoming thoughts from bombarding your mind, increasing your focus. Use this focus to your advantage and take control of your destiny.

5. Confidence is key

Doubting yourself or receiving dubiety from others could potentially destroy what you manifest. Be confident in your abilities and how you can utilise them to accomplish your ideal future goals. If you are second guessing yourself, your affirmations won’t be truly genuine.

Good luck with your journey towards control and success in your life, whether you chose to manifest or not!

Make The Streets Your Runway

Make The Streets Your Runway

Heads turn as street style icons such as Emily Ratajkowski, Zendaya Coleman and Bella Hadid turn everyday settings into catwalks. Exuding radiance and confidence, they show how when you feel powerful, you look powerful too. 

Casual and classy – these seemingly paradoxical words can actually work simultaneously when it comes to fashion. The following looks present exactly how you can make the street your runway. 


Bella’s daytime New York City look is simple yet so effective. This corset style shirt adds a feminine touch as it accentuates her figure and forms a V on her chest. The backless element is a stunning feature that transforms a somewhat basic shirt into a sexy statement. Hadid pairs this with low-rise baggy mom jeans to further highlight the fitted top half. To complete the look, she adds a double-layered necklace, Dior handbag and a vase full of flowers as an accidental but beautiful accessory.

♡ You, too, can make a simplistic outfit look breath-taking by tailoring your clothes to show off your body and adding a rebellious twist to the simplicity; whether it’s going backless, putting on a daring pair of heels or going with a bold colour scheme.

Regularly walking her dog through the city, Emily Ratajkowski never fails to impress with her iconic outfits. Pictured in an oversized two piece suit, she looks both sophisticated and comfortable. The beige colour paired with her gold chained bag matches her skin tone and hair colour wonderfully… her coordination is so flawless that she even matches with her coffee and puppy, iconic! A cropped white top is paired with the look to make the chic outfit look more casual whilst also showing off her insane abs. Ratajkowski proved that it isn’t essential to wear a completely tight-fitted outfit if you want your body to look great. Baggy is beautiful too!

♡ Take inspiration from Emily by buying a two piece for some easy coordination. Blazers are so popular at the moment, especially oversized. Perhaps look in thrift shops or second hand apps like ‘Depop’ to find a vintage long blazer for a unique and personal twist on the trend.

Zendaya is often praised for her androgynous street style looks that oppose her showstopping red carpet dresses, yet wherever she is, she is always inspiring fashion fanatics worldwide. Barefaced beauty Zendaya is photographed wearing a monochrome look in a gorgeous navy blue. Despite the colour often being associated with older women, she looks youthful, radiant and incredibly classy. The tailored trousers contribute to the smart vibe with a hidden belt and ideal trouser length, leaving room to show off her trendy white trainers.

♡ If you love this look, you should splash out on a pair of white trainers yourself! By doing so, you’ll have a fresh, versatile staple shoe that compliments your wardrobe in any season, adding a casual touch to an otherwise classy outfit.

More incredible street style looks to inspire your casual but classy wardrobe are pictured below…

These street style icons show the power of bold statement sunglasses, oversized blazers, trendy trainers and a deliberately considered colour scheme.

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Stay safe,

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“I can’t breathe.”

The last words of an innocent man. George Floyd. A father. A lover. A cousin. An uncle. A friend. A black man who was wrongly murdered by racist police.

The heartbreaking truth is that George Floyd is not the only victim. And America is not the only racist country. For this reason, we must continue to fight for racial equality. No justice, no peace.

As a white person, it is vital to recognise and act upon my white privilege. This does not mean my life is easy, it means that my skin colour does not make it difficult. If you are white, do not be silent in times of injustice. Humans need each other, your silence is violence!

Click the link to a carrd that provides you with various ways that you can help! Sign petitions, write to police departments, donate to BLM charities, educate yourself and your families. Please don’t be lazy, it takes a few minutes!

If you don’t have the financial capability to donate, here is a link to a YouTube playlist that is donating all adsense to BLM charities.

There is always more you can do. Attend protests, watch documentaries, read books, initiate conversations and consider racism when voting politically.

I’ve been reading Natives by Akala which is hugely eye opening and relevant. Please consider reading and educating yourself on black history.

Let’s all continue to stand up for equality today, tomorrow and every day. No freedom until we’re equal.

Join My Journey: Studying Fashion From Home (Part 2)

Join My Journey: Studying Fashion From Home (Part 2)

Welcome back to the ‘Join My Journey’ series in which I’m currently attempting to study the fashion industry from home as lockdown provides me with more free time. Join my journey!

A link to part one is here in case you missed it:

I don’t want to set an unrealistic standards of productivity in this series because I think it is SO important that people spend their free time doing whatever makes them happy! If I’m completely honest, my motivation levels have decreased massively recently and I have spent many days moping around my house and spending lots of time on my phone. So, if you’re in a similar position and see people all around you posting about how productive they’ve been, remember that everyone has their down days, weeks or months. Productivity isn’t a competition and you should prioritise your mental health, especially at this crazy time in our lives.

With that said, my urge to learn more about the fashion industry remains strong! Despite my lazy days, I would love to share what else I’ve been doing to educate myself on the world of fashion!

Since the previous episode, I came to the conclusion that it would be beneficial to hone in on fashion journalism, analysing and studying my dream industry. So, for Step 6 of the series, I made many notes, summarising the advice I’d received from professionals in magazine writing, editing and publishing after visiting various websites and watching a plethora of YouTube videos. I also joined the Glam Observer online course for helpful resources revolving around fashion journalism.

So, what knowledge did I gain from this research?

  • There is no textbook route into fashion journalism. Many Vogue writers got their jobs by luck (obviously hard work too).
  • Internships and work experience are crucial! Most of them are not funded but the knowledge gained should be priceless and help in the future.
  • Digital journalism is growing in popularity and if you want to enter the fashion journalism world in the modern day, you need to acknowledge the role of social media and the internet as a whole.
  • Analytics are vital; Vogue House London has a screen in the offices that constantly refreshes statistics of each post. This information ensures you know what the audience enjoys the most.
  • It’s important to keep up to date with all elements of the fashion world, not just the most obvious ones or those that you have a personal interest in.
  • Robin Girhan is a fashion critic who “transformed fashion criticism into cultural criticism”, a perfect example of how you should see fashion as a deeper and meaningful societal expression you can comment on rather than just being aesthetically pleasing.

For more journalism education and experience (not solely fashion related), I studied using Coursera which was an amazing online learning platform!

For Step 7, I picked up two books I received last Christmas: ‘Vogue on Dolce and Gabbana’ and ‘Vogue on Calvin Klein’ which were so insightful and beautifully written, so much so that I finished them in two days. If anyone shares my interest in high fashion, you should consider reading these as they provide the backstory of some of the best global designers. This element of study intensified my appreciation for the leaders in the industry whilst also encouraging me to write more about fashion as the way in which the books were articulated and presented was stunning.

The next step was so exciting! I joined the ELLE Online Education programme ( and watched some masterclass videos. What better platform than ELLE, the worldwide fashion and lifestyle magazine, is there to learn from? It was truly inspiring to hear from people who have thrived in their careers.

Step 9 involved two apps: Vogue Runway and Pinterest. Most fashion enthusiasts would be familiar with both of these but if you’re not, I thoroughly suggest you download them. Vogue Runway allows you to watch the majority of fashion shows for free! By having access to this, I was able to come to terms with my favourite designers and their best collections. Similarly, on Pinterest, I created a board of each designer and added my personal favourites. This means that I can clearly differentiate between brands and understand what makes them all unique. Currently, my top 5 designers are Jacquemus, Prada, Iris Van Herpen, Guo Pei and Maison Margiela.

As the weeks go on, my passion and enthusiasm escalate further. Consuming myself in everything fashion has ensured I am comfortable with the terminology and community.

Source: Pinterest

By sharing my journey in this series, I hope to encourage others to do what they love and work towards their goals, no matter how difficult or unrealistic they may seem.

Thank you for reading… Part 3 is coming soon. Stay safe!

Grace x

Reflecting On Mental Health Awareness Week

Reflecting On Mental Health Awareness Week

As Mental Health Awareness Week comes to an end, we can reflect on how society should come together every day of the year with strength and love to acknowledge how every mind matters .

Focusing on mental health is crucially important in 2020 as we deal with the stress of the coronavirus which has changed the world and millions of lives. Many people joined the movement and supported both strangers and loved ones to ensure everybody feels loved in the midst of the global devastation. Hopefully, as humanity realises the importance of community and togetherness, the attitude will continue forever.

The theme this year was ‘kindness’ which is something that should always be prevalent in society. People were provoked to be kinder to themselves and those around them.

What happened? Who got involved? How did they make an impact?

♡ Individuals shared their personal stories of giving and receiving kindness for the Mental Health Foundation. Read them here:

♡ ITV initiated the ‘Britain Get Talking’ campaign in October 2019 yet the vital message continues to be shared. In time for Mental Health Awareness Week, they shared an advert encouraged the importance of checking up on your friends, even if it’s just a simple text. Read their article here:

♡ Mind, a well-known mental health charity introduced #SpeakYourMind to provoke open conversations so that nobody feels alone. People from all over the world shared tips and personal stories and this created a beautiful support network between strangers. Watch the Mind video here:

♡ Spotify teamed up with CALM to promote podcasts and songs that will uplift listeners. From low fidelity beats to happy music, they covered everything! Browse the selection of playlists here:

♡ Social media was crucial this year as people can’t physically see one another. However, there were thousands of virtual hugs shared as people posted their own experiences, advice and quotes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Here are some of my favourite quotes that can provide comfort when your mind forces you to overthink:

Source: Pinterest

Thanks for reading today’s post! Hopefully you’re looking out for yourself as well as those around you. Remember: your mental health is just as important as your physical help so reach out for help if you feel it’s necessary.

Stay safe!

Grace x

Iconic Met Gala Looks That Epitomize The Meaning Of Fashion

Iconic Met Gala Looks That Epitomize The Meaning Of Fashion

The Met Gala is a parade of couture excellence held annually to raise funds for the Metropolitan museum of art and costume institute. As the world’s most spectacular fashion event gets cancelled for obvious reasons this year, today we’ll reminisce on the best Met moments. Innovative, inspiring, invigorating… these looks are what makes the Met Gala so ICONIC.


Last years’ theme, Camp, successfully encapsulated what fashion is all about: relentless expressionism and creativity. With most guests following the theme perfectly, it’s so difficult to narrow the list down, however, Lady Gaga makes the task a little easier as her costume springs to mind immediately. The metamorphosis queen, Gaga, created a jaw dropping performance on the pink carpet, transforming from a huge fuchsia dress from Brandon Maxwell to gorgeous black lingerie. With 4 separate and juxtaposing looks, she certainly was a transformative icon who took Camp to a new level with outrageous yet immaculate decisions going into her outfit. The attention to detail in the look ensured it was theatrical, exciting and all importantly – CAMP. What more would you expect from the co-chair and fashion experimenter that is Gaga?

It wasn’t only women who pushed boundaries and raised eyebrows at the 2019 Met Gala, Ezra Miller is a wonderful example of a man who owned the pink carpet and the entire night. Miller left us with an hundreds of questions, which is certainly a good thing as it embodies the camp theme. This curiosity sparks from his unexplained blank mask as an accessory, contrasting with his EYE catching face, as well as the Burberry suit paired with a dazzling diamond corset and not forgetting to mention his 7 eyes, obviously. Makeup was a large element of his costume, with intricate painting on the face being revolutionary. Although men have been wearing makeup for many years, especially in the music and punk industry, it still hasn’t been normalised enough in society so his look was far from basic. As face art advances throughout the years, Ezra Miller made a lasting impression which will inspire artists both now and in the future. You truly don’t know where to look with his outfit and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

If we’re talking about iconic looks, 2017 is a great Met Gala year to reminisce on due to the theme of: Rei Kawakubo and Comme Des Garcons. This revolved around creativity, recreation and construction due to Kawakubo’s iconic aesthetic and legacy.

Cara Delivigne looked like she’d stepped off a spaceship straight onto the carpet in 2017 debuting her bald head and metalic Chanel suit. The breath-taking silver look screamed for attention which is what it truly deserved. Again, the attention to detail was sensational. Delivigne’s chest was sprinkled with glitter to add yet another dimension to the look, perfectly connecting to the theme. The costume complimented her stunning figure as well as exemplifying a modern approach to fashion.

In a delightful Dolce and Gabbana gown, Zendaya was another Met gala 2017 icon. The design of the dress was just exceptional, hugging her body and accentuating her beauty. Covered in tropical parrots and flowers, you could anticipate the gown looking OTT but this was proven wrong as Zendaya floated across the carpet.

Let’s time travel another 8 years earlier to when the theme was ‘The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion” in 2009. It is truly jaw dropping to analyse just how much creativity evolved in just a century from 2009 to 2019, with stars much more inclined to get out of their comfort zone and societal boundaries nowadays. With that being said, guests of the 2009 gala did not disappoint, with Rihanna as an honourable mention. Women in suits: classic and timeless. Rihanna took it a step further than a plain black suit by adding large shoulder pads that almost met her ears to add an unusual structure and reshape the look, perfect for the theme. Her edgy hair complimented her stunning face shape, this along with her chunky heels were representative of her popular personality and ability to make herself stand out.

Founded by Eleanor Lambert, the Met was established in 1948 and continues to be a highly anticipated event every year. The media becomes more involved in the ball as the years go by and it’s interesting to see how this affects the dynamics of the hugely anticipated event annually. This year, the media has the biggest role yet. The high fashion twitter community (hf twt) have invented the best solution to the fashion shaped hole in our lives at the moment… a virtual met gala! Join the fun and innovation from young enthusiasts on Monday 4th May.

Thank you for reading today’s post! There are so many looks I could have mentioned so I’m sure there will be lots more Met Gala related posts on my site in the future…

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You Are Enough, Stop Criticising Yourself (especially during these unforeseen times)

You Are Enough, Stop Criticising Yourself (especially during these unforeseen times)

Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? Am I being overdramatic? Am I too calm? Am I being lazy? Everyone’s working out… should I be working out?

I’ve said it before, your mind can be a bully and overthinking can be a terrible result of it’s unkindness.

Working on yourself is healthy and helpful, HOWEVER, crossing the line and taking it too far can be harmful! During this unforeseen and hugely difficult global circumstance, the free-time many of us have may allow your overthinking tendencies to increase and those with mental health issues may be struggling.

Humans love to compare. It’s in our nature. This attribute of mankind has been evident during the extraordinary times in lockdown but here is a reminder to make healthiness (physical & mental) your priority.

Generally, everyone has unique approaches to how they spend their time. We all have different interests and lifestyles, working on things in our own personal schedules. Similarly now during this pandemic, everyone is approaching these times in their own ways… and that is valid!

Key workers are busy, sacrificing themselves to save lives. Most others are on lockdown (UK) and this dramatic lifestyle change means some people are exercising, some are quizzing, many are baking and lots are chilling. As long as you are following governmental guidelines, you’re already doing one thing right!

Obviously I can’t address the entire population but here are some short affirmations.

  • Don’t feel guilty for sleeping in. If your body tells you to rest, you should! This is potentially your first opportunity to relax for days straight without work/school/commitments stopping you.
  • On the other hand, there’s obviously nothing wrong with wanting to wake up early. Spend your days however you like!
  • You may feel helpless, like you should be doing more to help. Remember, by staying at home, you are helping. There are other ways you can help from home such as volunteering or donating to local hospitals, charities or businesses if you have the money.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if your motivation has plumetted, it is entirely normal when your schedule and surroundings change.
  • Don’t criticise yourself if you’re not doing as much exercise as others you see on social media. Although staying healthy is great, it’t not a competition. Set your own goals rather than comparing your routine with others.

Things you could do when feeling negative about yourself:

  • Write a list of things you achieve each day, be it small or big tasks
  • Start up a self love scheme or journal
  • Call a friend or family member as a reminder that you are loved

Due to the sensitivity and complexity of today’s topic, I probably rambled in this post but hopefully I managed to convey the message to prioritise looking after yourself as well as one another.

Lots of love,

Grace x

Dreamy Summer Style 2020

Dreamy Summer Style 2020

Manifesting a Summer full of healthiness, happiness and beautiful fashion…

Today I’ll take you through major Summer trends, along with my favourite garments in my unrealistic wardrobe wish list. If it gives the same aura as an ethereal perfume advert, it’s going in my virtual basket.


Pastels: a timeless trend associated with the beauty of spring and summer, blossoming trees, lavender fields, Easter eggs. Add these soft colours into your wardrobe for an effortless Summer statement.


This first piece combines 3 stunning trends- pastel, gingham and a sweetheart neckline to create a perfect Summer dress.


Pair these elegant trousers with a tight fitted top for a chilled daytime look or add the matching jacket for a sophisticated summer evening outfit.


Oh how easy it is to fall in love with this top: the airy material, adorable bow detailing and puffy shoulders. A dream.


Luxorius yet lightweight, silk pieces are guaranteed to make you feel like royalty throughout summer.


Despite it’s subtle colouring, this blouse is both graceful yet eye catching. Also, someone needs to send it to Harry Styles immediately.


This material + pink are a match made in heaven. Imagine an evening on the beach watching the sun set, this is the perfect skirt.


Whether it’s simple leopard print lining or zebra-all-over, animal print makes any outfit look bold and captivating.


Zebra trousers are so popular right now and the hype is certainly understandable. These playful trousers and eye-catching alone but you can buy the matching top and jacket for a dramatic evening look.


Make a wild statement with this one shoulder dress, beautifully designed with dramatic ruching and a figure hugging fit.


A bag is often the most crucial element of an outfit, with the potential to make or break the look.


Jacquemus managed to create such a huge statement with such a tiny bag. This white version is perfect for the Summer (if you don’t have much to carry but still want a beautifully executed outfit.)


Dior’s saddle bags are charmingly versatile and can be paired with both summer and winter outfits. This dusty jade colour compliments neutral garments for a simple but gorgeous summer look.


I’ve included another Dior saddle bag but this time, a more eye-catching pink one. This has been my dream bag for a long time now and is currently not on the Dior website so here’s a link to a pre-owned version!

Thank you for reading today’s article! Hope you enjoyed having a look at some of my dream pieces- share some of your favourite garments or bags for Summer in the comments below.

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