Long time, no update… I don’t have much of an audience so doubt anyone noticed my absence HOWEVER, I’m hoping to continue regular posts for the foreseeable future!

Many things have happened since my last post… I started driving lessons, I stopped driving lessons, had a great summer, went to lots of concerts, turned 18, began revising diligently for A Levels until yesterday.

Yesterday, as most people know by now, the news broke that A Level exams are cancelled due to the global pandemic, the coronavirus. Despite being devastated that my school experience was cut short and I didn’t have time to mentally prepare for my last day, this is all for the greater good. I’m counting my blessings that I am healthy and can self isolate at home with my family and food as not everybody has those privileges.

There is a huge amount of uncertainty regarding the virus, lockdown and prolonged deprivation from social contact, which may have a detrimental affect on people’s mental health. I would love to use this blog as a form of positive escapism, as that was my goal when originally creating it.

Sending everyone lots of love and strength during this time.

Thanks for reading! Please follow if you’re interested in more (I’m really looking forward to posting lots of fashion related content as well as beauty, mental health and overall everyday lifestyle related posts)

Grace x

5 thoughts on “Update!

  1. This is the first post ever I’ve read from you. I love your english plus I’ve learnt a new word foreseeable which is very sexy (I cant wait to use it as I normally use forthcoming; I guess it has the same meaning: dictionary check lol)

    Amazing post!


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