American VS. British Vogue

Welcome to my first ever collab. Megan and I became friends through our joint love for fashion journalism whilst living on opposite ends of the world, so, what better article to write than a comparison of American and British Vogue… AMERICAN VOGUE Vogue USA is one of the most praised magazines of all time, especially…Continue reading »

Make Pinterest Your Go-To App For Inspiration and Motivation

From provoking quotes to visual manifestation, Pinterest is a conveniently versatile app that provides the perfect elements for inspiration and motivation. The algorithm is cleverly created so that your home page will be designed specifically for you based on things you’ve enjoyed and saved previously, making it an exciting and engaging platform to use. Life…Continue reading »

Five Manifestation Tips

Self growth, spirituality and mindfulness have recently risen in popularity as people have more time to focus on themselves. After discovering manifestation myself, I decided to research further and share some tips so you can find strength and peace within yourself. Build the life of your dreams! WHAT IS MANIFESTATION? When manifesting, your thoughts and…Continue reading »

Make The Streets Your Runway

Heads turn as street style icons such as Emily Ratajkowski, Zendaya Coleman and Bella Hadid turn everyday settings into catwalks. Exuding radiance and confidence, they show how when you feel powerful, you look powerful too.  Casual and classy – these seemingly paradoxical words can actually work simultaneously when it comes to fashion. The following looks…Continue reading »


“I can’t breathe.” The last words of an innocent man. George Floyd. A father. A lover. A cousin. An uncle. A friend. A black man who was wrongly murdered by racist police. The heartbreaking truth is that George Floyd is not the only victim. And America is not the only racist country. For this reason,…Continue reading »

Join My Journey: Studying Fashion From Home (Part 2)

Welcome back to the ‘Join My Journey’ series in which I’m currently attempting to study the fashion industry from home as lockdown provides me with more free time. Join my journey! A link to part one is here in case you missed it: I don’t want to set an unrealistic standards of productivity in…Continue reading »